What can we test ?

  • Cable tester
    Tests for open, short and miswired cables. Also informs the user whether the Ethernet cable is a straight-through or crossover cable.
  • PC NIC test
    Validates whether a computer’s network interface card (NIC) is defective or not and verifies that a network link with the computer can be established. The LANPAL100 also provides you with round-trip delay measurements in milliseconds (ms).

    ARP network scan
    Address resolution protocol (ARP) packets are used to scan the local subnet. The ARP network scan displays all available and used IP addresses, as well as the MAC addresses of the used IP addresses.

    NAT/firewall check
    This simple tool checks whether the tester is connected directly to the Internet or connected through a firewall, displaying the live IP address and the internal IP address of the network.

  • Speed test
    Performs an Upload and Download speed test, similar to a speed test executed from a PC .

A part from the technical details what’s the real world use for this tester.


2nd line of testing after proving the router or cable modem is functioning correctly.


We can test if the router is providing the same speed as the telephone line


More importantly prove the router or cable modem is supplying an adsl signal to the network lead to then supplying pc network hub etc.

   Cable Faults


  Real world use for this tester.

We can test internal network wiring

We tend to use this tester in an office network environment as most home users do not have a cabling infrastructure.

  • Cable tester
    Measures cable length in feet or meters
  • Two-line, 16-character alphanumeric LCD with icon flags displays test results in wire map format
  • Conducts single-ended tests on shorts, splits, and opens
  • Auto-on enables test results within 2 seconds
  • Tests for shorts, opens, mis wires, reversals, and split pairs with remote Includes tone generator

Network analyst
(overview of connected equipment)

  1. We are able to view all devices connected to the network.( we would us this tester for 5 users or more).
  2. This makes tracking a faulty connection or device relatively easy.
  3. As you can see below we are able via web browser to see all network attached devices.







No Name








No Name



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